Thursday, July 9, 2015

Honey Diet helps me in my daily workout

Its very very difficult to reduce your weight once you put on weight. Reducing weight is really very slow process and increasing weight is so fast and unknown to us. 

I done daily 2 hours morning workout in gym, cycling and walking in evening. But still I get result only 1.5 kgs in a 2 months. Had diet food, salad but still not get result. But I read in a book that to use Honey Diet for early morning. Take 2 Spoon of Dabur honey with Warm water and 2 Lemon pieces, your weight gets reduced. 

Since, last 6 weeks, I daily drink 2 glass of warm water with 2 spoons of Dabur Honey and 2 Lemon pieces. I really feel energize and can do my workout in gym very well. Also, no need to drink water during workout and I reduced 4.5 Kgs in 6 weeks.

When I started to drink, it was difficult and cant drink it but it really helps my body and refresh my day with full of energy. You can use it as a Sugar substitute because Honey is lesser calories then Sugar and contains Minerals, Vitamins good for health. Sugar does not have essential nutrients as compare to honey hence it is not so healthy.

Honey Diet also helps skin moisturizing and nourishing. It stops cold and cough irritation due to sugar.

Dabur honey produced most advance technology available under most hygienic environment. Dabur honey source from Himalayas and north of Sundarbans. One excellent way to healthier eating is to use honey in our everyday food, for example, replace empty-calorie table sugar with nutritious honey in your routine beverages, spread honey instead of jam on bread, if all this while you have been taking tea, coffee, or juices with table sugar in your regular meals, you could straight away replace the sugar with honey.

After taking 2 Glass of Warm water mixing 2 Spoon Dabur Honey, do the below sequence exercises for early results.

  1. Bodyweight Squats
  2. Lunges
  3. Cycling
  4. Side Bends
  5. Single Leg Stand
  6. Cobra
  7. Walking
  8. Leg Raises
  9. Bent knee crunches
  10. Limb raises

Honey based Beverages recipes and Honey recipes can be find on website, you can also find recipes details in bottom.

Some are saying that dont take Honey in Summer but its a wrong Because Honey has reach source of carbohydrades and provides energy and building against heat. So Honey is complete natural and essential nutrients. to healthier food is to consume honey of everyday food. 

More Details on Honey Diet visit and order online for Dabur honey comes 400grm and 1 Kg bottle Packing. 

For Stay fit and feel young, energize your self, weight management and for body essential nutrients, You should straight away replace Sugar with honey. 


Kanak Trades said...

honey diet is really very helpful.Everyone should try this.

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Indian Sun said...

Honey diet is really very helpful. Honey acts as a fuel to make the liver produce glucose. Hre are some more useful tips for Diet