Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Time to visit Melbourne, A heaven on earth

A Dream city of mine to visit once in My life is Melbourne. My pleasure to write now on "...it's your time to visit Melbourne NOW!"

Why it's my Dream City

1) It has awesome weather by 365x24x7 days

2) My best close friend staying at Melbourne, Victoria since 2007
3) I love to enjoy Cafe and hangout places and Melbourne have lots of cafe in streets
4) I love sports, Melbourne is sporting city 

A place on earth where Adventures, fun, Refreshments, Nature, Wild life, Hills, Museum, cafe, Ballooning city scene, Skiing, shopping for women(they loved it) in Queen Victoria Market, Penguins, Zoo and many many more then you must visit Melbourne...it's your time to visit Melbourne NOW! Melbourne call it a heaven from earth. It's full of Parks, Garden, Gallery and Historic architectures.

Here, People are very helpful and even city centers gives you whole information about to stay, food, site scene of the city. Instead of contact to any agency or travel agent just contact to government city centers. Click here to see city center details

I love beer and It's allowed you to drink beer at any place. My friend says he can drink beer in train, buses also. Simply loved this place. You can enjoy variety of local wines with cool cool climate... WOW

Another thing I like to approach is informative website http://www.visitmelbourne.com/, any unknown person get the vast information from Melbourne city, it's updated on day to day basis with colorful pictures, information and discounted deals for you. Information available in 14 language.

So Speak it loudly "...it's your time to visit Melbourne NOW!" and get your tickets to Melbourne.... Don't be miss...


Nirvana said...

hahaha..... nice post! Any place that allows you to drink beer anywhere is worth a visit. All the best.


Amit Ganguly said...

Interesting way you have compiled your story here.best wishes.