Friday, August 17, 2012

How to get Success in Arrange Marriage?

Love Marriage ya Arranged Marriage!

This is a most debatable question is the world both topics have strong points to discuss and reasons.

As per my experience, Arranged marriages are more successful then love marriage. My marriage is also arranged and all vidhi, puja has been done properly.
Now a days, Human mentality is more forwarded and they are bit relax in relationship growth. 

If everyone follow below steps then arranged marriage gets 100% successful.

Step 1 : Meet parents and girl's home and interchange family values between both families. discuss about your family members, your life style, living style and both family can see boy and girl. After meeting just discuss with family about their likes and dislikes in your life partner's family views. If both are agreed then go for step 2.

Step 2 : Invite girl family to boy's house where she will live after marriage so girl's family can see their lifestyle and a place where girl will stay, rooms, kitchen, bedrooms, neighbors, surrounding area etc.. this time arrange one to one meeting between boy and girl in one room. discuss with family about more brief and idea after 2nd meeting between two families and also ask to girl and boy about their decision to 3rd meeting

Step 3 : After boy and girl like to meet again, send them to cafe or restaurant for food where they can discuss about their future. they feel more relax and talk more between their like, dislikes, friend's group, college, workplace, favourites etc.. etc..

Step 4 : After girl and boy are happy and wants to became a life partner, greet to each other and family. cheers! Celebrate your new life long relationships... Exchange some gifts, greeting cards. don't forget any member of the family

After these 4 steps, I don't think that arranged marriage get unsuccessful. After Sagai, girl and boy can go for restaurant or parks and garden, going for movie and shopping. In this time, they can measure each other, anyone can break this relationship if they feel the cheating to create this relationship.

Reason to broke.
1) boy hide his past to girl or girl hide her past to boy 
2) family has hide some internal family problems
3) discuss any allergic disease or hereditary disease to each other
and many more....

I support for arranged marriage, visit and don't forget to see New edge serial Love YA Arrage marriage on Sony TV, Let's see who will win :)

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Saurabh Chawla said...

nice post :) all the best !
here have a look at this one too when you get time :)

Jesika Moon said...

Actually I believe there is no any shortcut way to success in love love marriage and arranged marriage. However there is some Disadvantages of Love Marriage. But what about your thinking on Immortal Love Story...?

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