Friday, March 28, 2008

A Country Of Festivals

Someone once remarked that in India, there is a festival on every day of the year. There are innumerable national, regional, local, religious, seasonal and social festivities that give credence to this statement. This is not surprising considering the innumerable gods, goddesses, saints, gurus and prophets who are worshipped in India.

Festivals of India are characterized by colour, gaiety, enthusiasm, feasts and a variety of prayers and rituals. Foreign travellers are struck by the scale and multiplicity of the festivals that have evolved in the Indian society.

Major Festivals

* Dussehra
* Holi
* Deepawali
* Ram Navami
* Eid
* Christmas
* Guru Nanak's Birthday
* Janmashtami
* Good Friday
* Buddha Purnima
* Muharram
* Mahavir Jayanti

Other Festivals

* Shivaratri
* Pongal
* Deep Diwali
* Ganesha Chaturthi
* Rath Yatra
* Raksha Bandhan
* Onam
* Baisakhi

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